Import of Web Site references in ENW format

I want to be able to import references to web sites into EndNote X1.0.1 (Build 2682).

The file looks something like:

%0 Web Page
%T EndNote tags and reference types
%A Cardiff University,
%D 2008
%V 2008
%I Cardiff University

%8 21 Nov

When the file is imported the reference comes up as type Book instead of Web Page as specified by %0 (zero).

And even when I change it manually the  type to Web Page the Access Date field isn’t populated as 21Nov as specified by %8.

I’ve even tried all % field types (%A-%Z, %1-%9 and %punctuation) and none come through to Access Date.

What is going on?

The Access Date should be tagged %N

If you look at the Reference Types in the EndNote Preferences, you will see that the Access Date field for a Web Page corresponds to the Generic Number field.

Otherwise it works fine for me in EndNote X2.0.1. EndNote correctly identifies the reference type as Web Page. Have you checked the EndNote Import filter? Does the template for Web Page have as its first line:

%0 Web Page

Maybe downloading a new version of this filter from the EndNote website would help?