importing Endnote xml file to Endnote Web

Is there a way to import an Endnote xml file into Endnote Web?  I received a library from a colleague in xml format created in Endnote but I use Endnote Web and can’t seem to find a way to do it.  I tried importing with Endnote and RIS formatting but no dice.I can ask the colleague to resend the file in a different format but hate to bug them with doing that.  Thanks for your help.

EndNote Web doesn’t allow for custom reference types, so you will not be able to imprort the .xml file to EndNote Web.

You may want to try installing the demo version of EndNote ( You can import the xml file into a temporary desktop library and export as RIS (or sync/transfer to EndNote Web) during the trial period (30 days).

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

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This seemed to be the closest to my problem but it relates to an enl file. I lost my laptop but had my whole library for Endnote X3 saved within dropbox. My insitution no longer supports the software and recommends using endnoteweb. I’ve logged into my account myself (not an institutional login) but there’s nowhere that seemed to upload and sync an enl file wihtout the software? Should I download the demo… and transfer files then to endnoteweb? What will happen all of my attachments? [Using Windows 10]

Thanks C

You can export from EndNote X3 and import into EndNote online, but this would not include attachments. For these steps, please see the instructions for “EndNote 9 and earlier” in this article:

Otherwise, you can try the Transfer instructions in that article. If you no longer have EndNote X3 installed, you can always download the 30-day free trial of EndNote X7:

With the Trial, you can synchronize your desktop library with your online account.

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Thanks - I’ll try this 

Hi - I downloaded the 30 day trial version and successfully sync’d all my references. Attachments are now in endnoteweb. My second question is that I’m trying to export groups of reference (including the pdfs) for use as sources so I can conduct a systemic literature review in Nvivo? Have you any suggestions on how to proceed. [I can do this in the trial version but I am concerned that now that I’m moving to an endnoteweb environment how I might be able to do this into the future].