import problem


I want to import the following:

   author = {{Heggie}, D.~C.},
    title = “{Science and Society in Prehistoric Britain}”,
  journal = {Journal for the History of Astronomy},
     year = 1978,
   volume = 9,
    pages = {61-+},
   adsurl = {…9…61H},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}

The above is obtained fromWWW. I select “Bibtex entry”.
I save it to some.txt and import it as Refer/ BibIX, but fail. Why?

How to import this?


I’ve revised my response as re-reading your message after a cup of coffee I realized you identified the filter as Refer/BibIX.  In checking the filter’s tags, they don’t seem to correspond to the ones in the .txt file so that may explain why the import isn’t working.  You may need to use a different filter.

The import filter you chose is not for importing BibTeX-formatted records.  You will need to convert the BibTeX citation into something Endnote can read. EndNote Support provides a link to a number of BibTeX- related files.  Go to Under “Downloads” you will see a link to BibTeX conversion tools.


I am trying to help with converting Bibtex records so they can be imported into EndNote. The reader reports that the instructions at

did not do a good job. It produced an XML file, but Endnote could only
read 55 of my 1319 entries!

Can anyone suggest why? I could not find any mention of Bibtex under Downloads at the support site.