Importance of sub groups for reference management

I have used EndNote for the reference citation for years and it is really getting more and more powerful nowadays.
However, I found that it is still difficult to use it as a reference manager to organize all of our reference (PDF) files. It is necessary for us to sort the reference files in different groups and each group should be able to create their own sub groups, and even deeper layers of sub groups is demanded. For example, I may create a main group which content four sub groups named organic, inorganic, analytical, physical. In the layer of “physical”, I may create sub groups such as photo-physical, thermodynamic, and then again create more sub groups under photo-physical. It’s much continent if we can organize our PDF files this way. As I know, Mendeley they provide this function. Hopefully, EndNote will be able to provide this function later.



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I strongly agree. 


I much prefer to use keywords for these complex organizations, which can be used to construct smart groups.  Then I can mix them in ways I may not have predicted - rather than having to rearrange the memberships…   

I would LOVE this as well.  I’ve tried using keywords in the past but gave up because of the amount of time it takes to do them, and I’m always afraid that I’m missing something when I search for a keyword.  Subfolders would make organizing my files MUCH cleaner and easier.