Imported references from Mendeley and Journal title is wrong

I have just imported my whole library from Mendeley as it was giving me problems with the journal titles. However on importing my library a number of the references have been left with titles such as Journal of American… is there an easy way to fix this or will i need to go through each one and manually type the name in?


References that come from the internet show up with journal names in different ways. For example, the journal name might be abbreviated or it might be the full journal name.

In order for EndNote to have them show up correctly in a document, EndNote keeps a list called the terms list. Please see the following knowledge base article on how to update your current terms list.

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In addition it is important to turn off the perferences for terms to auto-import them from the database or manual entry of a new record, to avoid having them importing into the wrong “columns” of the terms list.