Importing a style in X6

I have downloaded a style from the journal website and am attempting to import it into X6.  I double click the .ens file and it opens the “about this style” dialogue box in X6.  I then go file–> save as and save the style.  That’s where I get stuck.  After I close the style I can’t find it again.  It’s not in the style manager and I can’t figure out how to use it.  Please help!  I’ve attached the style here.

J Neurosurgery Spine.ens (11.6 KB)

Mac or PC?  It should be available from the “select another style” option in the style dropdown on the word endnote ribbon after you have “save as”.  Ensure the window is not poping open again appending another “copy” to the name, when you close it, which might mean you are trying to save it to a read only folder.  

Mac.  I’ll try it on my PC when I get home.

It isn’t showing up anywhere in any of the style lists.  But if I load a style that’s already in the system, edit it and save it as a copy, that will show up.  So for some reason just importing it has been failing.

Well I use X7 so not sure it is a proper test, and downloaded your attached style, saved as (with copy appended) and then looked it the list, and it was there.  don’t know of any compatibility issues with output styles between X6 and X7.  

Interesting.  Maybe I’m just out of luck.  I wonder if it’s close enough to any of the existing styles to just use that.

You can try downloading it from Endnote’s website (put spine in the first search window).  It is from 2007 or so, so it would have to work?  I downloaded it and attach.  Try this one?
J Neurosurgery Spine (2).ens (11.6 KB)

I’m having a similar problem. I’ve downloaded the style format from the journal website, only it’s in .os format and I can’t import it in Endnote X8. Any ideas? I need to fix this fast so I can upload my article. (1.05 KB)

I have a similar problem. Only that the file type is .os, from the journal website. (1.05 KB)

the file type on their website is for reference manager, which is pretty much obsolete at this point, so you might want to let them know that.  I tried to make changes to the Acta Haem which had square brackets and some punctuation differences.  

Acta Endocrinolgica.ens (13.1 KB)