How to export references into a new Endnote sub-library from a Word document reference list?

I cited in a Word document about 20 references from a large Endnote library which contain more than 200 references.

Can I export the 20 references cited in Word document to a new library?

Thank you very much.

Sure, from the Word tools, Endnote tools>export travelling library.

Oh, yes, - need to add that the Record numbers won’t be the same though… It won’t work to use that library to reformat the paper. 

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Thank you for the answer.

For the number record, is there any way to show the reference number in Endnote library same as those labeled in  Word doc?

To help you I need to know what you want to accomplish, and what version of Endnote and Word on what platform you are using.  If you want a minilibrary to send with the paper, it already has the “traveling library” imbedded, so if you are collaborating with an Endnote user, you don’t need to send them a  library. 

But if you have some other good reason to get a library.

If you are using a recent version of endnote, you can make a mini-library by following a few steps.  (Instructions fro X2, other versions may work similarly, but i can’t test them). 

Save your library to a new name and open the copy and close your full library.


unformat the document, to its curley bracket state. Save word document as rtf and close.


Open endnote, and say format paper, open the rtf document.


A list of the matched references show up in the window, select them all (to do this you need to select the first one, and then scroll down and shift select the last one. Click the Lookup button.  The 20  will now be showing in your library. Select all (ctrl A)


Show all (ctrl M) and from References menu, hide selected.  Select all and delete.


ctrl M (show all) and the 20 papers from your document should be left. 


This library now only contains your referenced papers with their original record numbers. 

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Just read this thread looking for a solution to exporting a travelling library with the record numbers as they appear in the corresponding paper. Although the record number is enbedded in the citation code, Endnote seems to irreverently ignore it. 

Have you found a solution to this problem since you wrote your comments in this thread?



I’ve Endnote X2 - MacOS 10.5/Intel 

@leanne wrote:


"Oh, yes, - need to add that the Record numbers won’t be the same though… It won’t work to use that library to reformat the paper. "

Only from this specific method.  Simply exporting the traveling library loses those rec numbers.  T

The lack of this facility is by design I think, — to make sure that the record numbers remain unique.  If the paper was formatted from two libraries, there could be duplicate record numbers. 

Hence, my suggested "trick" in the reply below does retain the record numbers but only works with papers formated from one library and not two or more.