export citaitons in document list?

I’m using Endnote X2 with Word 2004 in the Mac 10.6 environment. I’d love to be able to export the the “Citations in document” list from the Edit Citation window. Even copying and pasting would be fine, but it seems like I can’t do that. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or maybe someone has a tip for accomplishing the same end. Thanks!

Export travelling library option (its on the word toolbar).  But that doesn’t give you the “record numbers” as used in the document.  Is that what you are looking for?

Exporting the traveling library only lets me put those references back in Endnote (as far as I can tell). No, I’m just looking for that exact list in text format. (I need to see all of the instances of a given reference and the context where they occur.) I just spoke to tech support and they say that list is generated on the fly as you’re working on the document. Therefore it doesn’t really exist in a standalone format. Now I know I should have been using Word to create endnotes as I created my references, but since that list is exactly what I need I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go back and create 346 endnotes :frowning:

Can you provide an example of what you are wanting?  I can’t quite picture it, but there may be a way to get to what you are wanting. 

What version of Endnote and what style do you use for your writing? 

Any library can be exported into a text file (as could the exported library). Use RTF rather than text, so you don’t lose formating. 

You can use the scan RTF facility (format an "unformated, curley bracketed version of the paper, saved as an RTF) to automatically select the refs used in a paper (details on how are here). 

Any of these help? 

Otherwise, a request we users have made (see here and here) is to create a linked version of the paper where the citation jumps to the reference list.  I think the developers have been working on that, but don’t know where they are in the process.  Perhaps this is more along the lines of what you are asking for?