Importing Citations into EndNote X7 in OSX (Mavericks)

Wondering if anyone could help me out with a minor problem. When I import a citation from the Web into Endnote in OSX 10.9, it goes to the Downloads folder. Okay, not ideal, but also not a big concern. From there, I can simply drag and drop the downloaded citation onto the EndNote icon in the dock to import the citation. However, when I do this the Documents folder opens to reveal my EndNote library (along with other files, folders, etc.). I then have to choose my EndNote library, and the citation is finally imported.

Is there a way to bypass this last step? In other words, can I get EndNote to simply import the file when I drop the citation onto the EndNote icon without going through the extra step of selecting my library each time? Is this a problem specific to Mavericks, or has it always existed with X7?

Thanks for any advice!