Problem importing references with EndNote X7 on a Mac

Hello everyone,

I’ve had a student with a very fiddly Mac problem. The problem occurs when trying to import an RIS or ENW file from a database or a library catalogue. After setting the file associations in Firefox (and Chrome - same result), with Endnote X7 and the library open, when importing a reference the computer asks for a specified library. The normal navigation options on the left are blank. When switching to the user’s name in the drop-down above I can then navigate to the location of the library. When I select the library Endnote crashes unexpextedly.  If I follow the same procedure with Endnote closed, the Mac opens Endnote and the file goes into the correct library.  I have tried rolling Endnote back from X7.3 to X7.1, making sure to remove all the components using the customizer, but the same thing happens with X7.1. I’ve re-updated to 7.3 but the same thing keeps happening.  It seems as if there is some communication problem between the Mac and Endnote when Endnote is active. Does anyone have any ideas?

Greetings cdionigi,

Please try the following steps and let me know if this changes the problematic behavior in any way:

1.  Launch EndNote X7 and open an EndNote library.

2.  Make sure that before switching to the desired web browser that your patron does not minimize the EndNote library window.  Leave the library window fully visible and then click the appropriate icon on the Mac OS Dock to bring the browser window to the forefront.

3.  Try exporting once more in the same manner as described in your original post.  Let me know if the steps listed within my post alleviates the problematic behavior reported by your patron.