Importing from Reference Manager changes record numbers


I am a long-time Reference Manager user, using RM 11 most recently.  I am switching to EndNote X6 and want to import my database into EndNote.  When I tried the directions for Converting a RM database (which is stated to work for RM 11) I got an error message “EndNote error”.  Not very specific. 

So I used the directions for Importing (stated to work for RM 10 and earlier), in which one exports a text file from RM then imports the data in EndNote.  This worked fine, except that all the record numbers have changed.  The references were alphabetized and numbered sequentially, which is completely different from the order they were put into RM originally.  This is a problem because I have a document that has in-text citations that refer to the record numbers in the RM database; since these don’t correspond to the new numbers, I can’t convert the citations.  I can always do it manually, of course, but if there is an easy way to retain the old record numbers that would be better.  The text file from which I imported has the original record numbers.  When I do the import, there is not a way to map fields from RM to EndNote.


Does Reference Manager allow you to export a file sorted by Reference number? EndNote allocates reference numbers in order of addition to a library so if the first ref is 1 and so on the numbers should be correct provided there are no gaps where references were deleted in RefMan.

It sounds like you followed the Quick instructions which do not maintain the RefIDs. You would need to follow the steps found in the section title “In-depth instructions that maintains both word document compatibility and RefIDs” from this article:

If you follow those 20 steps, your RefIDs should be maintained when importing into EndNote. Feel free to contact Technical Support if you need further assistance:

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