convert from reference manager to endnote inside existing doc references


Recenlty I moved from Reference Manager 12 to trial version of Endnote X7 to see if I can move my library.

So I have files with references managed by Reference manager. I’m wondering if I can do something rather than retype all the references to be able to manage them in the word document with Endnote. 

Currently the fields are managable with reference manager and endnote extension just recognize it’s field and nothing more!


In the " Convert Citations and Bibliography",   there is a " Convert Reference Manager Citations to Endnote"  on the Endnote ribbon in word 2010?

Also, check this Knowlegebase article available from the endnote support site.  I think it has all the steps and a video on  document conversions.

I also found this following a google search:

Thanks Leanne

I still have a question. 

I use office 365, aka office 13, and Endnote X7 ribbon has the tool you mentioned. It worked with a little bit “difficulty.”

I started to convert and it tried to find the references in the Endnote database. then the problem showed up! It searched for “author year refID” which Endnote does not have the last one. so I had to go through and remove the last part and insert the references. 

So the question is " did I correctly imported the references?" or this is the way it is and I still need to go through it with the software?

thanks again.

If none of the below helps, I think you will need to ask tech support that question, or perhaps there are other RefMan users who have migrated here?

I just found the resources (another user) but have never had to do it?   

Did you follow the steps in the KB article to transfer the library to Endnote? Also, the Bristol link has a statement below which would suggest that you shouldn’t have to delete the RefID manually.  – You may want to try editing your preferences to use the “label” field instead of the record number field to see if that fixes the problem.  You find the proferences on the Windows verstion under Edit>Preferences (last choice) and looking at the temporay citations settings as in the attached image.  Once converted you can go back to the default record number.   I haven’t tested any of this (as I have never used RefMan).  


Please note that the Reference Manager RefID is not retained in Endnote as the conversion renumbers the references (Endnote does not allow users to manually set the reference ID field). However, the RefID field is copied to the Label field in Endnote to maintain backwards compatibility with the original Reference Manager database, and any paper copies of the references. Furthermore, stage two of the conversion process corrects the citations in the Word document(s) so that they remain linked to the correct reference in Endnote.