Export to RM12 and back

I have Endnote X2 (Win) and my two collegues have RM12. We are working on a paper together.

We can not make the two programs play together. I have tried to follow the directions on refman.com on how to export my database and how to convert the document to be read in RM12. The database part works, sort of. All foreign charcters are scrabled - e.g. ö and å and such. I can see there is a FAQ for that, but I havn’t tried the remedy yet.


However, making my word (2007) document in a shape that a Refman spiked Word can understand fails. I have set the export filter to “Refman (RIS) Export” in word, and then all in-text references become invisible (i.e. in-text citations can not be seen). The reference list in the end of the doc is in unmistakingly RIS format. Then the recipe on the refman.com web dictates that I should save the document as plain text - and when I do that all field codes are stripped completely from the document. Obviously when that document later is opened in word with RM12 there is no link between the text and the references - the references in the text are gone.

I am supposed to use a style called " EndNote to RefMan.ens" but I can not locate that file anywhere, perhaps that is the problem?. Please help.

So, what should I do?

Besides, going the other way, using the recipe on endnote.com to make a RM12 doc ready for endnote a style called " RefMan to EndNote.os" should be used. We can’t Where can we find that file?


Thanks for your assistance

Claus Sternberg

I found them - they are in the zip file mentioned on the support page. Now I just have to try it.

Sorry for the bother.