Importing Marc Records into Endnote

From Springer I received a file containing the Marc records of a number of ebooks.

I would like to import them into Endnote, but nothing seems to work.

I first converted it from a single line to a tagged format.

But Endnote does not ‘see’ any record at all.

As a check I tried to save some Library of Congress records as Marc and import them.

But I did not succeed there either.

I used Library of Congress import filter, and Library of Congress Connection file. I tried to change the MARC Record settings, but with no result.

The strangest thing is that  about half a year ago I did succeed to imports some of Springer’s records.

So I reinstalled Endnote X, but I could not import those files either.

I would be very happy if someone can give me some advise.

or just a Marc file that I can import  as an example

Thank you,

Marianne van der Heijden