Importing Medical PDFs into Endnote--not recognizing title

I am using Endnote X7 in Windows 7

see attached 

  1. I imported my pdf’s and some titles were pulled out by Endnote. However, as you can see most of the files did not have their title pulled out. How do I get these articles into endnote with their titles and authors showing? Is manual the only way?

  2. Where in endnote is the command to go to the PDF subdirectory that I have listed in the preferences, to import all the new PDFs that I’ve put there? Or must I close and re-open evernote ever time for it to check that directory?

Thank you


Hello Soram,

For records where the bibliographic information is not populated, you would need to either enter the information manually or try the Reference Update feature. If you have the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for that PDF file, you can enter it into that field of the record in EndNote. Once you have added the DOI, you can click the References menu and select “Find Reference Update.” EndNote will check this site for the DOI information:

You can close and re-open the library (rather than EndNote itself) to force the software to check the PDF Auto-Import folder for newly added PDF files.