imported pdfs not read, and have < > around them

I just purchased Endnote 7x, and imported a few hundred pdfs from my MAC.   Most imported OK, but about 100 did not, and were renamed <oldname>.  I checked, and they are not image files, they are true pdfs, but the program for some reason could not recognize the authors, title, journal etc.   

Anyone else have this trouble when starting?  Solutions?  


Gil Wernovsky, MD

Hello gwernovsky,

When you import PDF’s into EndNote, it looks for the digital object indentifier (DOI) number in the first several pages of the file. If the number is present, it can pull in the fielded data such author, year, etc.

If the PDF does not have the DOI number, EndNote will create a record with the name of the PDF in the title field.

I’ve seen users fix this by looking up the DOI number for the article, enter it in the DOI field in the record, then use the “find reference updates” command to get the rest of the data.

I hope this is helpful!

Thank you Tom,  I’ll give that a try!