Importing references


I’m trying to get what I found searching different databases into EndNote. I tried to import the results of the first two databases. 276 from Cinahl and 291 from Embase. I moved these results to their own groups. Now I have 276 in the Cinahl group, and 291 in the Embase group. And 200 “Unfilled”. Can someone explain where these unfilled references came from?



The Unfiled Group contains references that are not in any group. You have 276 References in the Cinahl Group + 291 in the Embase Group. That equals 567 out of a total of 767 under All References in the library. The 200 references that are not in the Cinahl or Embase Groups would be listed under Unfiled. If you meant to add everything on import into a Group, it is possible that not all references were selected when you copied to a Group.