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Hello everyone

I have been trying to produce an Import filter to put records from the trials register into Reference Manager - you can export the files as comma delimited or tab delimited. I tried using the IFE to produce a Tab Delimited capture file first but I could not cut and paste in the Tabs to the IFE source subfields for the Start and End delimiter  - contrary to the user manual the tab marker from my word file, which is a right facing arrow, will not cut and paste into the IFE - anyone any ideas?

My other stumbling block is that in the output file the records are numbered, 1,2, etc… but the worked example in the manual is on text that doesn’t have record numbers so I don’t know how to instruct the IFE to ignore these - do I need to delete them from the text file first? I attach what I have achieved so far but have exceeded my current level of knowledge!

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Rosalind comma delimited.cap (837 Bytes)

Hi Ros,

I contact Adept Science regarding an import filter for and they created a custom import filter which seems to work a treat.

Hope this helps,

Kate M

CLINICAL TRIALS gov.cap (774 Bytes)

This question was posted in 2009 so the attached filter does not work with Endnote x7. I was wondering if anyone had another that worked?

Thanks, Deirdre