Improper abbreviation of given names with hyphens

I would like to alert the developers to a bug in the programme which is unable to properly process and recognise first/given names that have hyphens in them. When the programme abbreviates these names, it treats the hyphen as if it marks the end of one name. Thus the Russian name Il’ia → I.i.a. The same is not true of surnames like O’Connor. To me it seems very simple to carry over the same programming to the given name.

I can understand that the programme is sensitive to commas and periods/full stops because these are used to distinguish surnames from given names. But this should not be true of all punctuation!

Just in case Slavic names sound exotic, or not deserving, there are loads of given names from Africa and Southeast Asia which have the same feature: A’London, Angelique’, C’Morra, Jah’mir, Jay’line, Joe’l, Ne’Vaeh, Ny’londa, Ny’Zere, Q’oriana, Qu’done, Ray’nie, Ta’Nasia, Ta’Rez