Transliterated characters

Mac, Endnote X3, Word 2008

Hello all,

Russian characters (e.g., Я) cannot be transliterated into a single Latin character, and thus become “Ya.” for example.  This is distinct from the character that transliterates to “Y” alone.  Is there a way to have Endnote use more than one character when it inserts author/editor initials?  In other words, will Endnote insert “Kondratyev, V. Ya.” rather than “Kondratyev, V. Y.”?

Many thanks.

The solution to your problem may be similar to that discussed here:

… in other words, enter the author in EndNote as

Kondratyev, V. Ya.

(I double checked on X3 for PC using APA 5th output style; using a double comma still worked).



Thanks.  I can see this as a work-around, but it does mean I have to reformat the reference if I need to use it in a different journal.