improve cite while you write

I hate the way that the new cite while you write toolbar for Endnote X7 for Macintosh takes 5 steps instead of one step the way that the X6 version did.  Right now I need to use a drop down list click on the insert citation option and then I need to search for the reference that I want to insert, select it and click on it.  Please go back to the old option that was in endnote X6 and earlier where you could highlight the reference you wanted to insert and click on one button (please do away with all drop down menus).  I hate drop down menus on the tool bar.  They are horrible.

Other changes I hate. Attaching a pdf also requires using a dropdown menu on the toolbar so it means 3 steps instead of 2.  Please remove the dropdown menu for attaching pdfs and simply allow one to click on the attach pdf option and then attach the pdf.

In addition please add the option of being able to configure a shortcut toolbar oneself that includes all of the options one need.

Because of the above, I purchased endnote x7 but uninstalled it and went back to endnote X6 which I like much much better.