Multiple toolbar in word2008: Macintosh.

My configuration: IntelMac OS 10.4. Word2008 with update 12.1.5 and Endnote X2 with update 2.01 (site licence).

I have no problem inserting a citation from the Library but most other Endnote tool commands creates a mulitple set of menus in the menu bar of word. This gets progressively more  disjointed as more EndNote commands are executed.

I have  tried all the suggestions in earlier messages but still remain disappointed with the result. These can be removed by quitting and then opening. 

I am a research fellow at a university and supervise PhD students and this is becoming quite an issue. This problem has been reported only a few times in these fora so one can assume most Macintosh users do not experience this problem.

Perhaps you can suggest a way forward for me.