In-line citations without parenthesis

In my writing, I regularly have to cite taxonomic authorities, that is, the author that originally described the species, after a species is first mentioned. For example, humans would be mentioned as _Homo sapiens _Linnaeus, 1758. Except in certain cases, these mentions almost always lack parentheses around the reference. However, I have been unable to figure out how to do this in EndNote, beyond simply writing in the reference and including the reference as “bibliography only”. I would think this would be easy to do, but I am not certain how to do this.

What’s needed are 2 different citation templates, one template with parentheses and a 2nd template without parentheses. Unfortunately, Endnote at present accommodates just one template while you would need 2 operational templates . So you’ll need to continue manually adjusting non-parenthetical citations.

Way Way later.  If you never use the Author (Year) citation format, couldn’t you edit that to remove the parentheses and leave it as Author Year – and edit citation to the alternative usage?