...How can I write citation without parenthesis....

Hi everyone, I’m new using EndNote and I need to put citations without parenthesis or brakets I look at the tutorials and I’m try to find something helpful on Internet but I can’t find the information. Can someone help me? Thank for helping me!

For example I need to write:

Thunnus albacares Bonnaterre, 1788


Thunnus albacares (Bonnaterre, 1788)


I need to write

Pearson et al., 1998 and Pearson and Tayler, 1998 (whitout &) and I can’t find how to do it… :frowning:

You only need to edit the output style you are using, deleting the parentheses from the citation template, save to a new name and then change to use the new output style in your word processing document.  

Editing the output style is achieved in endnote thru the Menu “edit” output styles> edit “yourStyle”.  Save as to a new style name, then Citation templates and remove the parentheses around the citaion.  File, save as to a new name.  

Then in Word go to the endnote ribbon and select the new style from the drop-down.  You may have to choose, “Select another style” if it isn’t showing in the dropdown list to find the newly created style.   

oh, and you may have to change the setting for Citation "author lists to change the & to and, making sure your retain the spaces surrounding the word “and”.