getting rid of parentheses in text citations

In Endnote X, I’m using a basic in-text citation of Author (Year)

Occassionally I want to remove the parentheses from the citation so it will read Author, Year - this generally is when I’m including a citation in a  parenthetical comment.  I changed the citation template to Author |(Year)| but EndNote drops the final | and the resulting citation in the text looks like Author )

How do I get rid of the final parenthesis?  I could add a non-breaking space but this adds an unwanted space after the author (and doesn’t eliminate the ).  


Are you sure you want to edit the citation template?  Whatever changes will then affect all of your in-text citations.

Instead of editing the citation template have you considered “targeting” the selected citation by editing it (EDIT CITATION), then selecting “Exclude Author” and “Exclude Year”.  This will make the in-text citation “invisible” but maintain the bibliographical reference.  You can then manually type in the desired Author, Year information :  Hopkins, 2009

I tried that first and it still left the offending right parenthesis.  That’s why I thought I might need to fiddle with the citation template.

The problem with adjusting the citation template is that the changes will affect all of your in-text citations. 

Through testing (using EndNote X3) it seems the suggested procedure to “exclude” author and year does not leave any right parenthesis. Suggest you return the citation template to its original format and start-over.

Could you indicate the EndNote software version and style type you’re using? 

That works (excluding both) though it’s a bit of a drag to have to retype the entire citation.  Seems like a glitch in the program.  I’m using Endnote X.0.2.