In text citation disappears!

I’m using Endnote X3 with OpenOffice Writer 3.2.0. In my unformatted text, the citations are inserted correctly e.g. “{Anderson, 2004 #1194}”. When I format my text, I just end up with an empty space " ". If I click on “Edit citation(s)”, the following text is visible in the dialog box: “(…) <line break> Anderson, 2004 #1194”. I’ve tried deleting and re-inserting the reference but no luck. Other citations work fine, and in the “Edit citation(s)” dialog they appear as they should e.g. “Martin et al., 2003 <line break> Martin, 2003 #1159”. Any help? Have a deadline on Friday :((

What style are you using, and is it a style with a “footnote” rather than Bibliography generated reference list? 

Nope, I tried a couple of styles (the generic “Author, Date” one, and “Journal of General Virology” one, amongst others), all with the same result…

This sounds like that one ref is messed up. I would reenter the record and reinsert the citation and see if that helps.