Missing citations in Open Office


I’m using EndNote x4 with Open Office on a PC with windows 7.


When I close a document and open it again, the citations are still there as plain text, but EndNote does not recognize/can’t find any citations for editing.

The references are still available in the database -> I can insert new citations

What am I doing wrong?


I’m having the exact same problem with OpenOffice 3.3.0 and EndNote X4.The citations previously inserted remain uneditable, and there is no bibliography. Formatting bibliography has no effect - it only picks up citations inserted since the document was last opened. I went through and reinserted several citations and formatted the bibliography, and this ‘worked’. I then closed the document, re-opened, no editable citations (the text still appears). I have repaired EndNote through Control Panel, but this has had no effect.

Thanks for any advice.

Possible solution …hHave been playing around some more, and realised that my document had a .doc file extension. I’ve now saved it as .odt (openoffice), and this seems to have rectified thebiblographic problem. However, I am still having another issue, whereby some inserted citations don’t display in the document text, although they are editable …

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Check the file extension of your document. Was it originally a word doc? If so, try saving as .odt (OpenOffice). Let me know how it goes!

Greetings from Norway!

Thanks a million Sharen! The .odt did the trick! :smileyvery-happy:

A bit strange though that the citations disappear when the document is saved as a .doc.

I hope the EndNote team and/or Open Office team, looks into this and fixes the problem, or gives us a clue on how to buypass it, because this limits the possibilities of working on a document. I use different computers (at home, work, laptop) to work on the same document, but since the one at work has an older version of Word I cant open ODT files with it.

Again - thanx a lot!


I have had similar problems, including OpenOffice crashing repeatedly, even when using a .odt file. A number of other solutions has helped at different times.

  1. Copy the text into a new, blank document and reformat the citations.

  2. Unformat the citations and then Format the bibliography again.

Hope these also help.