Formatted citations disappear even though full reference is there at end of document

I recently upgraded to X3 from X.  I use Word 2003 on Windows XP.  I have Write While You Cite turned on.  This is the first time I’ve inserted a citation in a Word document since the upgrade.  All the normal things happened, including the creation of a full reference at the end of the document, except for the fact that the formatted in-text citation is not there.  I have Word set to display hidden text, so that’s not the problem.  When I right click and toggle field codes, the reference info is there (pasted below is what I see, minus what this forum considered “invalid html”).  So why can’t I see the citation??

{ADDINEN.CITE<EndNote><Cite><Author>Kitschelt</Author><Year>2007</Year><RecNum>4847</RecNum><record><rec-number>4847</rec-number><foreign-keys><keyapp="EN"db-id=“sewzzrxxxpx2eqe0te5vds2l92rvpa5sdtzt”>4847</key></foreign-keys><ref-typename=“EditedBook”>28</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>Kitschelt,Herbert</author><author>Wilkinson, StevenI.</author></authors></contributors><titles><title>Patrons,Clients and Policies: Patterns of Democratic Accountability and PoliticalCompetition</title></titles><keywords><keyword>CP</keyword><keyword>Patronage</keyword><keyword>clientelism</keyword><keyword>authoritarianism</keyword><keyword>Voting</keyword><keyword>electoral</keyword><keyword>interests,interestgroups</keyword></keywords><dates><year>2007</year></dates><pub-location>NewYork</pub-location><publisher>Cambridge UniversityPress</publisher><orig-pub></orig-pub><urls></urls><custom1>Own</custom1></record></Cite></EndNote>} 


or Word’s  tools, options, untick the box in front of “field codes”,

or in X3’s CWYW preferences (from word>tools> endnote tools) and there is choice at the bottom "Turn foff Word’s "Show field codes … " which sounds like it will prevent it from ever happening. 

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Sorry, my first reply misread the problem. 

I suspect that you don’t have the style that you used to edit this document and that it is using some style that doesn’t include a citation?

  X3 installs a very limited number of styles.  You may have to reinstall to get the style you want, or do what I do, and that is to retrieve

styles on a need to basis from the endnote website, or install them all and put them in a safe place (NOT IN THE Program folder styles

folder and NOT in the preferences directed styles folder, or Endnote will slow down to a crawl). 

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Ok, well, that’s what was going on, alright.  I was using one of the pre-made templates for a major journal in political science (Amer J Political Science) and whoever made it forgot to include that the citation needs the name and year.  That seems pretty weird to forget.  Do you think they asked some busy professor to create the style and he/she screwed up?

Thanks for your help! 

A busy professor would never do such a thing! 

The EndNote style for Amer J Political Science is written as a footnote style. With these styles, you create a footnote in Word, and then insert the reference into the footnote using EndNote.

But recent articles in that journal are using in-text (Harvard style) referencing, so you are quite right to edit the style to insert a Citation template. The EndNote developers need to update that style. The current referencing requirements are set out in the APSA Style Manual.

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Oh, that’s right.  AJPS once was a footnote style (20 years ago?)  Anyway, since it’s now using APSA guidelines, I might as well just use the APSR style.  (And Amer J Political Science ought to be removed from the set of Endnote styles entirely.)


Thank you for reporting the discrepancy in the APSJ journal style.  We have modified the style and will be posting it to the website soon.

I have included the updated style based on the guidelines at :


Amer J Political Science.ens (29.3 KB)