in-text citation: "Smith (2000)" vs "(Smith, 2000)" by one keystroke/click?

In-text citations in the journal I am writing a manuscript for appear in two ways (A and B):

A: “…as found by Smith (2000).” or “Jones et al. (2003) showed that…”


B: “… has been documented (Smith, 2000).” or “… is the case (Jones et al., 2003), but …”

For the output style that I am using, the standard in-text citation is Type A.

When I need to modify an individual citation to be Type B, one way is this sequence of steps:

  1. Enter the citation

  2. Use “edit citation” to hide the author

  3. Manually type the author’s name in the doument text immediately preceding the year-only in-text citation.

[A secondary question now: in step 3, I do it in the document text instead of using “add prefix” in “edit citation”, because the prefix is always AFTER the starting parentheses… perhaps someone knows of a way to get a prefix to appear in front of the starting parentheses?]

My main question is this:

It is surprising to me that step 3 would be needed… in other words, it seems like EndNote should have a single-keystroke or single-click means by which I can choose between Type A and Type B, without need for manually re-typing the author field.

So, in summary, does anybody know if there is a way to do this (specifically: to choose between the “Smith (2000)” and “(Smith, 2000)” in-text citation formats, using a single keystroke or single mouse click) in EndNote?

(Of course the solution must cause the Type B in-text citation to be retained during any subsequent “update fields”…)

I am using EndNote X with MS Word 2003.

Thank you for any and all ideas/suggestions!

I was also looking a way to switch between Smith (2000) and (Smith, 2000) by one keystroke/click. Editing few citations manually by excluding year or author and then adding suffix for year or prefix for author is ok. But if there are hundred of citations to edit, then it is very time consuming and irritating.

I also did not find a way to do this. I think excluding year is better than the excluding author, because it is easy to add Suffix for the year.

My way to modify an individual citation to be (Smith, 2000) is follow (My citation template is Smith (2000)):

  1. Enter the citation

  2. Ckick Edit Citation(s) and Check Exclude year

  3. Add Prefix : (

  4. Add Suffix : , 2000

This is a major glitch in EndNote.  Lots of journals EndNote claims to cover use this style – listing them in its advertising is sort of false advertising, no?  It really only “sort of” covers them, and not very well.  Kludgy “make do” fixes like this shouldn’t be necessary. 

I agree - it is very very common to need to flip between Smith (2000) and (Smith, 2000) - often between successive drafts - and the method of doing it in EndNote seems ponderous.