In-text citations: how to make years show up automatically??

I’ve searched and searched, can’t figure out an answer.  When I use the Cite while you Write for in-text citation, I get something that looks like this:  (Smith, 587).  I wanted it to look like this:  (Smith 1988, 587)

I know I can go in and edit each individual citation, but I want to find the way to do it automatically.  It leaves out the year in every single style I’m trying, it’s driving me crazy.

Any ideas? 

If it happens with every style and assuming you haven’t altered every style and forgot key information (for example if you edited it to include the citation pages and mispelled the year field?), then there must be something wrong with your library.  Is the Year in the field “Year” for your records? 

Yes, it’s very odd.  Year is in the right place, and I can go in manually and uncheck the “exclude year” box for each individual reference.  I just want it to default to having the “exclude year” box unchecked.

That is VERY strange.  I have never seen that as a problem.  The only place I can think to check, is in the preferences.  Check whether all the boxes are ticked in the “formatting” section?  I think this is one to submit to tech support. 

Solved!  Thanks so much.  Under “Formatting,” the box was checked that said “Omit author/year if omitted from temporary citation.”  Somehow when I looked earlier it didn’t register.