In text citations

When I have written a text and I convert my temporary citations to the “real” citations, I get all citations this way “(author, year)”. However, I often have sentences like this: “Tietze (2010) refers to blablabla…”. I can change this manually, but this takes so much time as every time the whole document is scanned for all references again, although I only make one little change. It gets particularly enoying when I have to do this 20-30 times throughout a whole paper. Please find a way to improve this. Thank you


EndNote’s Cite While You Write allows you to do this - when you first insert the citation or if you want to later edit the in-text citation into this format. See the attached screen shot which is from the upcoming EndNote X7 for Macintosh but version X6 for both Windows and Macintosh already includes this option.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team