In-text Cites are duplicated in Word documets after formating crashes

I have experiencedseveral problems with vers 12.0 + Word2007 and Word 2003 (both).

After insert in-text citations, when I ask for format citations,  the plug-in hangs during “formating citation” Phase (before that the program ask me to re-cite several citations: the program does not found the citations and ask me to found manually in insert window).

After several crashes like that, if I return to original text, some of the citations appear with repeated authors. In the example, the three citations would have two authors, but the first one has, in fact one of the authors repeated twiece

agile manufacturing {Agarwal, 2006 AGARWAL2006 /id;Agarwal, 2006 AGARWAL2006 /id}{Vazquez-Bustelo, 2006 2628 /id;Agarwal, 2006 AGARWAL2006 /id} flexible customization {Narain, 2004 3185 /id;Agarwal, 2006 AGARWAL2006 /id}; mass customization {Brown, 2003 BROWN2003 /id}{Ismail, 2007 ISMAIL2007 /id}