In Word 2010 only End Note Web Tab shows; cannot find desktop EndNote

I have a new computer with Windows 7, 64 bit and Office 2010, 32 bit.  I installed EndNote X4 (I had been using X1 on my old computer - so I upgraded when loading it onto the new computer)  and, the first time I did this, I believe there was a ribbon tab for EndNote showing - with the standard CWYW tools.  I registered for EndNoteWeb and all hell broke loose; word crashed repeatedly and then it recommended disabling the EndNote CWYW  add-in.  So I couldn’t use EndNote at all.  I have just uninstalled and then reinstalled EndNote - and this time, only the EndNoteWeb Tab is showing in Word, and I do not get the tools to use my standard desktop libraries.  When I click the EndNote Web tab - it asks me to sign in to the web server- but I don’t want to do that since I believe that is what screwed me up before AND  I don’t need to use EndNoteWeb – but I must use EndNote! 

The relevant add-ins which appear to be active are:

EndNote (Cwyw Citation Recognizer) [Action type]

End Note Cite While You Write [COM Add-in]

EndNote Web Cwyw.dotm [template type]

and the EndNote Cwyw.dotm [template] is INACTIVE.

What can I do to get only the standard EndNote tab showing?  I.e., how do I disable EndNoteWeb and Enable EndNote and use my desktop libraries?

LynnS again.  In EndNote help, it says that one can pick the desired application (End Note or EndNote Web) by going to Tools>preferences in Word 2010 - but there is no such animal.   

Try this (no idea if it’ll work though).

In Word go to File/Option/Add-ins

From the Manage drop-down, choose Word Add-ins and click “Go”

Make sure the Endnote Web Cwyw is unchecked and that the Endnote Cwyw is checked.

Also the Preferences thing is on your Word toolbar once you’ve clicked on the Endnote tab. Click on that and then Application and make sure the application is Endnote instead of Endnote Web.



This is a little late for you, but for others that browse this posting:

I fixed this problem by installing the X4.0.1 update. The EndNote Web tab did still come up (even though I had explicitly uninstalled it). To modify the default:

-In the Tools section of that tab/ribbon (to the far right), click Preferences

-Go to the Applications tab

-In the Application pulldown list, select EndNote instead of EndNote Web

Note that although the Application pulldown list was there prior to the update, there was only a choice for EndNote Web. 

Thanks to Thomson for wasting >1 hour of time…bad enough to pay $100 for the upgrade.