Inbuilt Group "Recently Added"

Mendeley the free reference manager has a goup I think everyone would find useful called “Recently Added”

This would work by showing references added in a defined period (e.g., today or a period). The time frame would be set in preferences.

As a former software developer, I know this is a simple piece of programming

The advantage for users like myself is that often we add a large number of references at one session, often with the same or similar authors. It is easy to become confused or forgetful what I decided to add and what I decided to reject. The “Recently Added” group would allow the set of added references to be easily found and reviewed

Happy easter/gary

I would second this suggestion with some changes.  I have been using the last updated field in my searches,  but in the upgrade to X7.3.1, Last Updated no longer works as last accessed. There is a last accessed field,  but it seems not to be updated when a record is accessed.

I would suggest that this be enabled.