Is there a way to properly sync the changes in EndNote Library to ALL citations in my Word document?


I have been really struggling with this one to a point that it has become so frustrating. 

I am working on Word (Office 365) on Mac OS Mojave. In my in-text citations, I need to have only one author name. Therefore if there is more than than 1, then it will all be cited as ‘et al.’ It seemed easy enough initially as I edited from the APA 6th Style. I have changed in Endnote Desktop > Edit > Ouput Styles > Edit “APA 6th Style”. In the reference output description, I have changed Citations > Author Lists> Abbreviated Author List - First Appearance > ‘If 1 or more authors, list the first 1 author(s)’… Despite changing this, and ensuring that the output format in Word is the same, there are some in-text citations that still lost 2-3 authors’ names. 

I have tried reformatting the references. Word > Endnote> Tools > Convert to Unformatted Citations. Then reformatting it again. I have tried this several times. But there are some really stubborn references which just dont want to change. 

Please help!

Thank you 

Where are the publisher instructions are you following.  That would be very unusual instructions any publication. 

but if that is what you want, there are a couple places you might look in the output style. 

Can you give examples of the ones that are not following your rules?  

Did you make the change you describe in the citation settings, not the bibliography settings?

Did you make the change to both first and subsequent appearances? 

There is an anonymous setting that says “follow APA rules” that might be over riding your settings (I seem to remember it affected things other than just anonymous citations/references, but maybe I was wrong). 

Ambiguous citation settings might also be overriding your settings, to ensure two similar citations are not cited exactly the same: for example Smith J, Jones J, 1932 and Smith J, Miller, J 1932 both appearing as Smith et al 1932.  Endnote will also think John Jones and J Jones are different authors, even if they are the same, endnote can’t tell.  So make sure all your authors are entered the exact same way.

Can you put your modified output style in a zip file and attach it for review?