Inconsistent Journal Titles


I am new to EndNote and am been asked to clean up an EndNote library. having trouble with journals displaying properly in the EndNote window.

For example, I have three references from The American Journal of Psychiatry, each with a different variation in the ‘Journal’ field.

One reference is listed as “Am J Psychiatry”, one as “American Journal of Psychiatry”, and the other as “The American Journal of Psychiatry”.

When I export these references to a .txt file in Vancouver format, the (first two) citations appear as “Am J Psychiatry” while the last as The American Journal of Psychiatry", which was displaying red. Once I removed the “The” it started appearing like the others.

So while this appears to have fixed the inconsistent citations, it hasn’t fixed the inconsistency in my actual EndNote library. For example, when I sort my references by Journal, I have about 20 articles between “Am J Psychiatry” and “American Journal of Psychiatry” (such as ‘American Behavioral Scientist’).

Can someone explain why this is occurring and whether there is a way to make a batch change so that references from the same journal appear similarly. I would do this manually, but I have about 5000 references across a few libraries that I’ve been asked to tidy up and amalgamate into one.

I really appreciate your help and apologies in advance if this has already been answered. I searched the forum before posting, but couldn’t find any information.

Best wishes,


I think you want to view this knowledge-base article.

I would add that I turn off the auto update preferences for journals when importing or manually adding new records, to avoid messing up my Journal terms list.  I have on occasion added a second listing for a journal when there are more than 2 or 3 variations that are not consistent with the usual journal output requirements, putting them in column 3 or 4.