Incorrect behaviour (truncation) when using a string of page numbers at the end of a reference

I have a reference string that reads {Author, 2000 #369@120, 189, 190, 209}  that, once formatted, has two of the page numbers truncated, whereby the initial “1” disappears, i.e., “120, 89, 90, 209”, which is obviously not what I am expecting. What is happening here? I am using Endnote X5. Thanks in advance for any help in working around this curious behaviour.

Endnote doesn’t handle this very well, but it is probably because the Page settings is set to abbreviate the last page number (as it is used in the bibliography).  You can change that in the output style (see image attached). – but  I suggest you use the suffix field rather than the page field.  In an unformated citation that would like like this, although if you format and unformat, it will probably insert a ` in front of the commas:  {Author, 2014 #7206 130, 132, 255} 

Not condensing page number clearly solves the problem by going around it. It remains when one does need to condense them, which is part of the practice advocated by the Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed., par. 9.60-63). This is an example of EndNote forcing its users to go though all kinds of shenanigans to achieve the desired effect; another example (discussed elsewhere, and repeatedly, on this forum but never solved) has to do with the often superfluous punctuation that is inserted in a citation in the notes, even when text must follow a citation.