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Hi.  I am trying to find full text articles for papers.  I know they exist in PubMed but for some reason when searching for the files the program cannot find them.  I could download them all manually but it seems to be a lot of work to do if X2 has the capability to this manually.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Did you download the references from PubMed using the EndNote connection file? I think this is essential. Then you have the link back to PubMed in the URL field of each reference. I don’t think it will work otherwise, unless you have a valid digital object identifier in the DOI field.

We initially had problems with the Find Full Text function. We discovered that this is because EndNote was detecting the Windows proxy settings on our PCs. Here we use a proxy on staff machines that requires us to authenticate when we access external websites. EndNote has no means of authenticating, so it was not able to send any requests to external servers.

The workaround to this was to clear the proxy settings. The easiest way to do this is in Internet Explorer. Click on Tools>Internet

Options>Connections>LAN Settings, and then uncheck all boxes.

Thank you for the suggestion but we do not use proxy.  I did download the references from PubMed connection file as well.

I just put in these references a second time to ensure that they were added using the proper functions.  When I hope up the files I can even see the links to the files in the URL.  It really makes no sense that it will not download the files.  When papers are found through “Web of Science” the files can be downloaded but the same is not possible through PubMed.

Please help.  I am very frustrated.

If the full text pdfs are freely available and/or you are IP authenticated to the premium sources of the pdfs, EndNote X2 should be able to find these files for PubMed records.

If you would like to send me a sample of some of the records as an .enlx file, we can try some tests and see if there is something we can tweak. We are working on several improvements for the Find Full Text feature in the upcoming X2.01 patch.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development


John, Must be nice.  I don’t think there is any possibility that  my IT people would let me do this!

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We have also been having trouble with Finding Full Text although not the same problem as afclark82. We find that Find Full Text works somethimes.

Today I tried selecting all 93 of my references and then selected Find Full Text from the reference menu and no full text was found. However when I selected 10 references at a time EndNote was able to find full text for some of these.

Any suggestions as to why this might be happening