initials showing up in citations

I don’t know where to start on this one.  I’m running X1 on a Mac with Leopard and Word 2004.  

All of my references are fine except for two both of which involve the last name Russell.  One is R.A. Russell and the other is Carl Russell.  The problem is that the in-text cites for them read R.A. Russell and C. Russell.  All of the other citations are fine - it only seems to be with authors whose last name is Russell.  I could almost convince myself that R.A. was something dealing with initials rather than having a full first name but Carl seems to refute that. 

I’ve tried recovering the library, changing the order (R.A. Russell vs  Russell, R.A.), deleting the refs closing Endnote and then reentering, and basically am out of things to try.  Which, given that I’m guessing wildly, probably isn’t much of a surprise.

Anyone ever seen something like this?



The style is “disambugating” authors with the same name.  You can turn this off by editing the Output Style, Citations section, Ambiguous Citations options. Make sure you use the edited style when you reformat the paper. 

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What output style are you using?

If it is APA 5th, then EndNote is doing what it is supposed to, because APA referencing style requires disambiguation of authors with the same surname by adding initials. Although APA is the commonest style employed on our campus, many people don’t seem to know about this requirement and mistakenly think EndNote is doing something wrong.

Some other styles disambiguate by adding the title of the item. On the other hand, many science journal styles seem to not bother disambiguating, in which case Leanne’s solution is the one to go with.



That is totally cool and I feel like a total dunce.  I had just switched to APA format because I changed my mind as to what journal I was going to send the article.

Thanks much.