Insert citations and syncing

Hi all

I just recently purcahsed endnote and have been importing PDF files into it and subsequently  entering the corresponding refernce details.

When I want to insert some of my reference citations into a word document they are not being found.  Some are admittedly but not all.  Secondly and I believe this may be the reason.  When I log in to endnote online not all my references are showing.  When I run the sync library program, any new references are not being updated.

I wqould be grateful for any advice.

Many thanks

Are you adding your new references to the “synced” library or to a different Endnote library? New references should be added to the library designated to sync with your Endnote online account. You can verify the path and name of the library by going to the Endnote toolbar and selecting Edit >Preferences, then in the dialog box, click “Sync”. The path/library is displayed in the “Sync this Endnote library” box.