How to get EndNote Online references into Word 2016

Hi, I have downloaded all the latest plugins and have the endnote ribbon in word now. But when i press the insert citation button there are no references to pick from. When i log on to endnote online i have plenty of references there, but how do i get them into word? I also have endnote X8, but on the preferences tab in word, and on the application tab i can only choose endnote online. How do i get my references in to word??

To sync your online library to a new computer, It is my understanding that you would create a new library and select “sync” to download the online library to the desktop library.  I would treat this as the “second step”  in these video instructions: 

“On Desktop 2, create a brand new library and click the Tools menu > Sync”

To switch your toolbar/ribbon to (or from) the desktop version, you need to (on a PC in the Endnote ribbon) – select preferences, then the Application tab and change from Endnote online to Endnote (or visa versa).  

Well the problem isnt that the libraries arent synced, because i have the same references in both desktop and online versions. The problem is that these references dont show in word, and in the preferences tab, then the application tab there is only possible to choose endnote online, endnote desktop is not an option. 

But where it says, enter your endnote online subscription, what am i supposed to write there? 

Sounds like endnotes toolbar wasn’t installed then.  see this  You may have to call support ( as it is hard to trouble shoot from another user thru the forum.  much better to talk to tech support.