Insert corresponding Character before each group in bibliography?

Hi everyone,

Please is Endnote has the ability to insert the corresponding character before each group of refs in the bibliography of Harvard style?

Look at the screenshot in the attachment


Easiest way is to select them all before submission and add a bullet. 

You can also edit the layout of your output style and select the bullet you would like from the character map, and paste it into the “start each reference with” box followed by a tab.  Make sure that the hanging indent is applied as well to all paragraphs.  see image attached for these settings.  


Thanks my bro for your reply

My problem is only with the character before each group, as a good indicator and rapidly accessing marker for certain author name through this character.

I hope you understand what I is my need

I can add these characters manually before each group, but I think after updating it will remove them.

Ahhh,  the letters, not the bullets.  sorry.  

You may be able to use the “Subject Bibliograpy Settings” for this, I think…  Haven’t done it before though.  You would probably need to create a custom field to hold the Surname uppercase letter, to find and populate the “subject heading”.  

I assume you would start with the references used (the endnote temporary group that is created when you have updated the citations in a document).  I would make a hardwired group of those records and follow the “Printing a Subject Bibliography” instructions.  Probably only worth doing, if you have a very long list of citations and it is something you will want to do more than once. (Making it worth your while to make the custom field and Manually type in the cap letter for each.)  

Otherwise, you just wait until you are done and removed field codes (on a COPY) and do it manually.  

Don’t worry my bro

I understand that Endnote can’t do that.

My thesis contains more than 522 references, but I found this style from a certain thesis and I liked and thought that Endnote can do that.

watch the attached file

I hope to add this feature in the next version of the Endnote by the Endnote developer team.
Thesis (243 KB)