Insert custom text using "import filter"

Hi Endnote Gurus

I am trying to import a data field using import filter,

But in addition to the data in the data file I want to prepend it with a custom text.

For instance,

In my data file I have a line as follows

SN  - 02770008

How can I use the field template or some other option in endnote filter to not only import “02770008” to the appropriate field in endnote but also prepend a custom text like AMC so that the final imported field will read AMC02770008

No, unfortunately the filters will only import text. They can filter out unwanted text, but they can’t add anything.

I guess you will have to use the Change and Move Fields command in EndNote to add the prefix to the relevant field, after you have imported the data.

Is there a way to edit the reference templates to always prepend a field with a custom text, Im trying to make an URL out of imported DOI so I need to add

 in front of the imported DOI

why not prepend the information when you output it, using the output style?

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