Customising import filter to auto-insert text into custom fields

Does anyone know whether it is possible to customise an Endnote Import Filter so that pre-specified text is auto-inserted into specific custom fields ?

I wondered whether this might be achievable so that we can code records during importation, rather than using Find&Replace once the records are already in an Endnote Library.

Thanks in advance,


Possibly. It will depend upon how the data is arranged and exported into a file that will be imported into EndNote and whether the pre-specified text is meant to be standard for all records or will vary depending upon the type/specific characteristics of the records. But the general idea is to include the pre-specified text in the import file then modify the import filter to accept the pre-specified text field so the information is imported into EndNote.

What are  you working with - just the exported text file only or you’re using a database software program to generate the exported data records?  In the 1st case it might be possible to either: 1) open the file in MS Excel or a database program to create a field for the pre-specified text then populate the field before exporting records; or 2) open the file in MS Word and create a macro to insert a “tag” followed by the pre-specified text.  But in both cases some further manipulation  might be needed if the pre-specified text  is going to vary  according to  some characteristic of its corresponding  record.  

Many thanks for your reply. I had hoped to avoid pre-import processing in the way you described, and I think I thought that I could incorporate the pre-defined text to be inserted within the import filter - sort of in the same way you can do so in an output file. I have spoken to Endnote support and unfortunately it seems I can’t do this in the same I would want.

Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll take it back to my team to see whether this might be a viable work-around.


I just globally edit the records imported at the time.  Easiest if you import into a blank libarary, edit and then import that library into your main library with discard duplicates.  - this 1) means you don’t forget to edit in the new information, and 2) means you don’t have to be careful about adding a second duplicate version of an existing record.