Insert selected citation not working

Some of our users have found that instead of inserting a pre-selected citation in their library into Word as per usual, the search interface opens with miscellaneous text appearing in the search box. Only happens with the first ref, all the rest insert correctly.

Using -

EndNote X1 

Word 2007

Windows XP

Any ideas?



Don’t understand what you are seeing.  Can you attach a screen shot?

Hi Leanne,

The selected citation seemed to be ignored and instead a search was launched with something similar to the attached. Confusing! 



Rather than “insert citation” I think that the “find citation” button is being selected.  Find citation, if no text is selected (in word’s toolbar) will bring up that window with the last search that was done. 

I thought of that but tried it myself and am sure I got the ‘insert citation’ button. However we’ll double-check!

Are you opening Endnote from the word Icon, or open Endnote first?  Maybe they need to “find” each other first? Try heading over to Endnote from Word and see if it “fixes” the glitch?