Insert Figure getting figure and caption to display properly

I can insert a figure and caption into Word OK.  

However, when I size the figure to be only part of a page, the caption still runs over to the side of the page.  I don’t see how to size the caption.  

I use word wrap to fill the rest of the page.  When I do that, it over writes the caption, but the fill is fine.  

The only work around I’ve found is to use Word’s own Reference > Insert Caption. That can be sized.

Is there someway to size the Caption and not have it over written or should I just ignore EndNote’s Caption feature.

Any suggestions?

EndNote 20, Word 16.44, Mac OS 11.1, Style Vancouver 

I ignore Endnote entirely when I insert figures.  I insert figures into frames (which isn’t necessarily easy to do) and then the caption and figure can be moved around together.  

 Here is the simplest way to insert a frame in Word 2010/2013.

(here is the official support suggestions:

I assume you use Word’s caption numbering for your figures.

I’m writing a multi-chapter book so it’s important that caption numbering works in the frame,

i will try it out - I’m using Word 365 if that makes a difference and will let you know how it compares with my work around…

Thanks for the suggestion

Yes, I have provided a template to my students for their thesis writing and instructions.  Figures are numbered based on chapter-number, and used insert captions, which is the title line, then a return inserts the legend which has its own style with a smaller line spacing than the body text.  I actually suggest they make one frame and then copy and size it to the position they want it to be as the very last step to constructing the final copy of the thesis, after setting the page to sided printing etc, start at the beginning of each chapter and going from there.  Using the frame approach also allows Words table of figures and table of tables to find and auto produce the appropriate tables and page numbering.  I haven’t had any students who are writing recently to have problems with Word 365 and the instructions and template I provided.  

Thank you.

I didn’t find the Frame in Word 365, but it seems to work fine just inserting the picture and attaching a caption and using word wrap.

I’ll see what happens when I switch from 1.5 spacing in my drafts to single spacing.  I’ll probably wish I had worked out the frames.

Also, when I tried doing some additional Figures with EndNote, some insert, I got an error message and failure to insert

So I’ll follow your advice and not use EndNote for figures and tables.

I’ll work on setting up chapter.figure numbering in the Captions later.