Inserting citations into a document other than the one I am working on


I am a first-timer here, but hoped I may find the help I need.

I am working on a thesis chapter. On my computer I will have various other Word documents open, one for notes, others for referencing in my current paper analyses that I have worked on remedially. When I go to insert a citation into the document I am working on submitting, Endnote will insert the citation into ANY of the other documents, but not the one I am working on and where I clicked the cursor before I pressed the ‘inset citations’ key at the top banner of Endnote.

I have also tried to go through the Endnote function from within the document, but the problem persists. I have also tried deleting the new group that gets created in Endnote when it inserts a citation into a new document. 

Can you help? I need the other documents open to assist the ongoing writing. Closing them all each time I want to insert a citation seems a bit much! 

Thank you for the consideration :slight_smile: