Trouble inserting citation

I’m in my document.

My EndNote library is open and a reference is highlighted.

I put the cursor at a piece of text.

I go to the Endote Tab in Word [which seems short at only three sections.  The headings of the three sections are:“Go to EndNote,” " Style," " Export to Endnote."]

I click on “Insert citation.”

I get a window that says “EndNote X1 Find Citation(s)”  and it looks that there is information from the sample/training materials (i.e., Example: Enter Billoski dinosaur extinction to search for these terms in all fields.

How can I get my document and the EndNote libraries talking to each other?

Thank you very much for any assistance.

Can you also tell us which version of Word (or other word processing software) you are using?  Are you seeing the Endnote Web or the Endnote menus?  Perhaps a screen shot would help?


I’m using Microsoft Office Word 2007.  I don’t see anything having to do with the web nor am I seeing menus pop up.  How do I do a screen shot?


Screen print:  You could look here  but I think you have to save it as a .gif (I can’t remember what file types are accepted by the forum software, but that is what I usually attach). 

I use a free application called Screenprint32 which I think is  available here as well as other places if you google that name.  It saves as a gif automatically and you can copy exactly what you want. 

but I don’t use word 2007 so I probably won’t be able to help troubleshoot - but hopefully others here will? I don’t really understand that ribbon thingy!

I can’t explain it.  I did what you suggested – downloaded a snipping tool and used it to demonstrate the problem, and then Endnote worked.  Now you think I’m a crackhead.

LOL.  no, just sometimes you need to close everything and start over… and then it works!