Inserting 'Cited Pages' in the 'Bibilography'

I have been using X4 for several years with an author-date style.  I am now writing for a journal that requires in-text superscripted numbered citations and comments which all then appear in numbered order at the end of the article -  as does say ‘Nature’ Journal.  I cannot get the page number(s) to appear as part of the cited document at the end of my article, although I have added them to the citation itself.

I have created a new style based on the ‘generic numbered’ style and have altered the template for citations so that the in-text citation is superscripted. I also see the option of adding ‘cited pages’ to the template for citations, though it is not relevant.  When I open the template for the bibilography the insert field tab does not offer the option to insert ‘Cited Pages’.

How can I cite specific pages amongst the ereference as the end of my article please?      

Thank you!

Just position your cursor in the portion of the bibliography template then type Cited Pages.

Thank you for replying Crazygecko.  I have already inserted ‘Cited Pages’ after each of the listed reference types but this does not cause the ‘bibilography’ to change.  I spoke to an Endnote specialist at a neaby University and he suggested that it might be related to a fault in the edit citation feature which means that it is better to put the page numbers as a suffix - but I tried that and it is not the issue.


Does your citation template include the field “Cited Pages”?  In order for cited pages to be displayed the field (Cited Pages) must be listed in both the citation template and the bibliograpy templates.

I don’t think Cited pages is possible in a Bibliography in X4, only in the citations, and as you note, is not usual in a citation that is numbered.  - you could use a footnote (endnotes) approach to adding notes rather than a numbered bibliography?  Then you insert the footnote using word, and insert your citation/bibliographic “citation” into the footnote, where you can add the cited pages manually.  You may also add regular footnotes with text information (notes) and the footnotes are superscripted.  

Thank you both for your help, I guess I’d better stop trying and do it manually!