insert citation in word not working (citation flashes on screen then disappears)


I’m just beginning to teach myself endnote, and I have followed the standard instructions for inserting a citation from my endnote library into a word document, but when I do, the citation flashes on the screen (of my word document) for just a second, and then disappears.

If anyone on here knows what causes this, it would be greatly appreciated. 

thank you.

Have you selected Insert in Bibliography Only when inserting a reference? This will not insert any visible characters in text, only a reference at the end of the document.

Are you trying to edit a downloaded file? Have you enabled editing?

If you start with a blank word document and insert a reference, does it work?

What version of EndNote, version of Word? Which Operating System?

Which method were you using to insert a reference?


I suspect you have selected an output style that is “footnote” based rather than citations.  What output style are you using in the manuscript? 

Thanks so much for your replies everyone!

I’ve just realised  that the full citation was placing itself at the end of my document, just not where I attempt to insert the “in text citation.”

It’s great that the full reference is going to the end of the document, but I’d also like it if it inserted the short in-text citation like it does in the instruction videos. Any advice on this would be welcome. 

As to my operating system, I’m using Mac OSX, Endnote X5, and word for mac 2011. 


So that symptom is DEFINATELY output style based.  Try changing you output style to Author, year for example in the word document (not in the endnote program).  I am not familiar with Word 2011, so you will need to find the endnote tools/ribbon to accomplish this. 

I am using Word 2016 on my HP Laptop and it is is inserting blank citations and references and I am behind on my school work because of this. Does anyone know how i CAN GET THIS FIXED. I called the school’s tech support and it still didn’t help!!!

what Endnote output style are you using (in the word/endnote tools/ribbon)?  – perhaps a footnote style which wouldn’t include any in-text citations?  They would need to be inserted into a footnote, for example (after inserting said footnote with the word references menu tools).  Try changing to “numbered” or to Cell or Harvard?